Labor and Immigrant Rights Movements


Begin in NY/NJ

Visit to Liberty State Park and Ellis Island National Historic Site

Movie Night: Destination America


Visit the Tenement Museum–take as many of the tours as you can manage

Movie Night: How about one of the early silent films about immigrants, or else Island of Hope, Island of Tears?


Sightseeing in NYC–take a Circle Line tour, visit museums, eat, etc.

If you have the money, see a Broadway show


Make arrangements in advance for the African Burial Ground National Monument tour with the National Park Service

Movie Night: Race: The Power of An Illusion–“The Story We Tell”


Design your own walking tour of the labor movement, using Radical Walking Tours of New York

or take the “Immigrant, Radical, Notorious Women of Washington Square” walking tour

or take the Big Onion Immigrant New York Walking Tour

or if you are in New York around labor day, take the Big Onion Labor History Tour!

Movie Night: Norma Rae


Begin in NYC and take day trip to NJ (estimated drive: 45 minutes)

Visit the American Labor Museum/Botto House, 83 Norwood Street, Haledon NJ 07508

Drive by the privatized Elizabeth (immigration) Detention Center, 625 Evans Street, Elizabeth NJ

Movie Night: The Visitor


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