This site is the creation of two sociologists who have been friends for decades, both of whom study social movements.  Johanna Foster and Jennifer Myhre, for several summers, have taken Johanna’s two kids on a series of social movement history roadtrips around the U.S.  The goal of these trips was to learn about freedom fighters, people throughout U.S. history who have fought for social justice in the areas of race, class, gender, national status, and sexuality.  We wanted to stand in the actual geographic locations where such people took action that expressed their values.  We wanted to use these trips as a vehicle for learning and, as teachers, we couldn’t help but create a curriculum of books and films both for ourselves and for the kids to supplement what we learned from museum spaces and other historical sites.

When we told others about our trips, they either reacted with horror that we would spend any of our summer vacations subjecting ourselves or the kids to this kind of travel OR they told us we should “write this up” or “make a website” about it.  So, here we are. 🙂  This website is designed for parents and teachers or other adults who might want to learn more about social justice movements themselves or pass on the legacy of social justice struggles to the next generation of freedom fighters.  We hope you find it helpful.

In solidarity,

Johanna Foster, Ph.D., Monmouth University

Jennifer R. Myhre, Ph.D., De Anza College


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