Resources for white parents who want to teach their kids about structural racism and white privilege

In the thousands of uprisings in the U.S. since the murder of George Floyd, you may have seen protest signs reading “White silence equals violence” or “End White Silence.” If you are a white parent who wants to end white silence in your family, here are two helpful resources. One is a picture book and the other is a board game for teens and adults. You can request a free copy of the board game, called the The Road to Racial Justice, from Kesa Kivel at her website. Anastasia Higginbotham explores big ideas like structural racism and white privilege in her book Not My Idea: A Book about Whiteness. Those ideas may sound daunting for a picture book but the moving collaged imagery and handwritten text offers an accessible way in. And it would be a great activity to make collages after reading the book in relation to children’s ideas about fairness and privilege and taking action based on our values. You can purchase it here. Cover image from the book Not My Idea: A Book about Whiteness